This art installation shows the worldview of Spring Drive, a technique that signalized Grand Seiko, which has reached a new dimension that makes you feel the passage of time, tackling the essence of time. Twelve acrylic objects in different shapes are shown in the space, and parts of the Spring Drive watch movement are sealed inside of them. Looking into the objects, small twinkling parts and framed scenery are merged together, so you can feel as if the watch movement is approaching the essence of time. And small lights in the transparent objects imply the existence of small electricity generated by the parts themselves in silence. It is an art installation in which you can feel Grand Seiko’s enduring philosophy just by looking into it.

To portray the worldview of Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive “Not the ticking time but the flowing time”, transparent objects contain movement parts of Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive, a technique that signalized Grand Seiko with high accuracy, and reflect the surrounding environment. The parts of a watch within the 12 transparent objects evenly placed in the space create one complete watch movement, as if time passes within the space.

Each object was created with high degree of accomplishment as an object to express the flow of time. In addition, as a result of the high-level collaboration between the highly artistic images by Shingo Abe, produced under the theme “THE FLOW OF TIME”, and the transparent object produced by TAKT PROJECT, our installation not only delivers the attractiveness and the ideology of Grand Seiko’s movement but also creates an unprecedented space where one can experience the images that reflect on 12 objects dotted in the space.