Stereoscope uses an innovate design to open up a physically challenging space. The narrow L-shaped footprint is 15’-0” high with two entrances. The space was enhanced using a creative ceiling intervention that wraps down the walls. The brand’s name Stereoscope, an early 3D technology, inspired the use of the 3D artwork in the space. The Design team selected Artist Christy Lee Rogers’ The Reunion of Cathryn Carrie and Jean, reminiscent of a 16th century fresco, and transferred it into 3D. Different levels of offset and color were studied, so the artwork would read beautifully with or without 3D glasses. The end result was a mural ceiling that gradated down adjacent walls to white.
Working in collaboration with Nashville printers Big Visual Group, we developed a key for cutting the art into pieces, before printing it onto 5-foot vinyl rolls. Once completed the vinyl rolls were applied to the ceiling and walls like wallpaper. The installation process that took less than a day to complete with no wasted product.
The final design functions to elevate the visual drama and height of the space. The 8’-0” datum line of the artwork is highlighted by a linear row of Andrew Neyer globe lights. White oak benches were selected to keep the space as open and inclusive. Above the bench seating is white oak shelving with 3D glasses for the customers’ viewing of the art.