Based on the concept of "Dragon Palace", the gate absorbs the essence of Sichuan style architecture. With modern and diversified art design language, it transforms the abstract cultural connotation into the perceptible space artistic conception, with simple body and cultural connotation. At the same time, the integration of pupil, planet, lava and other elements of great momentum, showing a groundbreaking into the shop landscape, trying to deduce the beauty of harmony through the ancient and modern.

Metal luminous characters enhance the modernity of the whole space. Hidden in the crevice of the body, the light sprinkles mottled light and shadow, which brings the attraction and appeal of Zhiwei. It has a kind of high-level and mysterious charm. The image of "dragon head" makes use of metal industrial fiber to linearize the device, making its main part more explosive tension. The cool device design gives the entrance a soul and forms a deep cultural mark.

In order to present a shocking perspective of entering the store, the designer strives to create a luminous totem device as the first visual feast to enter the interior. The dynamic sense of dragon scale outlines the shape of hot pot boiling, while the red flame is presented as a dynamic fire landscape. Combined with the story copy imprinted on the stone slab, the space installation has a theme artistic conception, flowing the Sichuan tide culture.

The dining area uses columns and the top area to create a modern dragon scale image, which is flexible and winding in mid air, and abstractly depicts the hidden dragon hiding in the new era of Sichuan and the reinforced concrete world. Part of the top of the mirror reflection landscape, pull up the height of space, shape the space-time sky. These scenes, combined with the three-dimensional copy, enhance the modern artistic conception of the space.

The top of the dragon scale is divided into five pieces, which are overlapped and connected to form a complete shape, ending in the red dragon scale column, forming a complete spiral form of abstract dragon shape. These tens of thousands of stainless steel brick dragon scales constitute the basic form of the restaurant. The stretching shape of dragon scale and the order of overlapping pieces shape its aesthetic feeling and artistry. The texture of stainless steel makes Panlong in the reinforced concrete world have a sense of modern composition and release a distinctive visual impact.