PJ store is located on the ground floor of an Art Nouveau building consisting of six rooms connected to each other. The morphology has made it possible to dedicate each environment to a type of product so as to be functional and inclusive at the same time: the project is based on the good practices of Design for all for to be an inclusive place that allows the permeability of the place.

Through a reinterpretation of the boiserie theme, the project aims to alter tradition by innovating a theme dear to the Neapolitan tradition; the walls are wrapped in a ribbon made up of triangular strips in shades of acid yellow, burgundy and technicolor orange up to candied white. The objects are exhibited in backlit hexagons set in the striped system where the luminous tongues cut the boiserie that surrounds the vaulted ceiling. The design of the exhibitors points to a new idea of "exposition", elements that must not only contain the precious but with a little creativity can turn into real sculptural caskets. The use of stabilized moss allows to give a green aspect without damaging nature. The small demolitions have been converted to mortar to avoid waste transportation.