In every year, there are many people who move from their hometown to settle in Bangkok increasingly. And surely “Single home” is the most popular vote as a dream house, but the limitation of land in Bangkok is rarely and high cost so the result of this problem is “City home” the vertical extension of single house.
Lunar was designed by blending stuff and style from all over Asia and Europe together, which we called Asian Nouve Style and playing with the space with the contrasting of primary color.
This house is for a lifestyle people who like sociality and collectible art decoration so the house was starting from party zone with a wine decorate on red wall with the connecting to swimming pool. Leading to another floor, we use a color glass wall to connect the room and floor together. The 2nd floor is a living room that designed with materials inspired by the “Blue Stone - Blue Marble", one of the deep blue sea rocks that are believed to be the most valuable and rare in the world. Custom bathroom and kitchen tiles from craftsmen who make clay tiles in Thai temples. As well as the use of gold leaf, things that are in the tradition and rituals of Thai people for a long time. We use 99.99% gold to make the ceiling in the dining room. And LED purple marble pattern made the room in other way.
We want to engage the world with an ideal of “when art is becoming a part of lifestyle” so this place is the beginning for increasing the art space by merging with the commercial space.

Lunar house is going belong with the idea of “when art is becoming a part of lifestyle” so designer tried to design a whole house turn to be an art piece by using a contrast color stay in the same place without or less of neutral color.
In every room were separated by the color starting with red and blue mirror for a welcome foyer connected to dining or party zone with red wall and blue ceiling then we used a painted glass combine the room and hall way to lead your eyes to the next floor. On the 2nd floor, Double space of living room was design to connect to a master bedroom by using a curtain gradation of yellow to blue relate to master bedroom. With a special of gold leaf technique made a glamorous ceiling and reflex with a whole wall mirror suit to the Thai clay tile mini bar. Up to the master floor, the room of emerald and purple made a tone of mystery and charming sleep. Red and Yellow in walk-in closet bring the energy and power to starting the day and don’t miss a red stuff and blue clay tile in the master bathroom. Last floor with 2 bedrooms, One’s with a purple LED marble wall pattern contrast with another copper bedroom.
This is how we used the color for Lunar House. Apart from the art pieces concept, this house has been inspired by the beliefs of Asian people about color-related relationships as well as Asian Living style whose stay as a big family.