In order to solve the three major problems of car purchase, which are inconvenient traffic dispersion; inconvenient car type comparison; and poor shopping experience, Liangzhi International Automobile City is committed to creating an “one-stop, all-industry and open-concept” automobile platform.

Hundreds of businesses will be put together under one roof and they will cater to various needs such as purchase of quality cars from entry-level to high-end, rent management, beauty & cosmetics, paperwork handling, themed eateries, and automobile cultural experience.

With this project, consumers can look forward to an all-in-one automobile centre that is educational, functional, conducive and family-orientated.

The design of the whole project uses parameterized method and approach, aiming to deliver the message that automobile is a product of design precision. The curvy design of the space echoes with the streamline body of cars, which reduces resistance of wind, integrates art into the automobile culture.

The way to maintain the beauty of design is to constant change. Starting from the entrance of motion line, we use interactive technology to add rhythm in the line. With the shocking visual beauty from the waterfall of light and the attraction of children in the novelty id motion sensing games, it creates a comfortable, efficient and rich shopping experience.

Dutch architect Koolhaas said that "Design is an adventure." With this in mind, LB Design is incorporating distinctive intuition, futuristic thought and artistic feel in the design of Liangzhi International Automobile City. The project hopes to overlap traditional values with modern ideas, simplicity with richness and art with technology.

Automobile is not only a mean of transport, but also a cultural endorsement.

In 1886, German Karl Benz invented the first real car, and thus kicked off the automobile era.Since then, automobile has transformed the destiny of Lanzhou and the life of people in Lanzhou. In particular, the "Silk Road" stretches from ancient to modern times and spans more than two thousand years.

When machinery connects with human, it will come to life and “give birth” to an unique culture belongs to them. It is the same for design. When connected with art, it creates a wonderful space that gives people hope & freedom.

Lanzhou has always been the hub of the world's most famous road network, connecting China with the world. The Jiuqu Yellow River flows through the city, reminding everyone about its culture and history.

We look forward and view this project as the "window of Lanzhou", which shows the beautiful geographical area of Lanzhou and connects the present with the future.