The brand name evolved from the blending phrase AROMA and AMIGO. It is not only a healthy meal embodied our culture, but also a living attitude of leisure and comfort. Hubei cuisine, representing low-key spirit under the premise of respecting nature and tradition, AROMAMIGO uses the ideas of innovation to trace back and interpret the food connotation of this land which makes Hubei cuisine a new vitality.
Inspired by the sinuous mountain range of the land in Jingchu (it refers to the Hubei area in ancient time), AROMAMIGO’s interior design merged the curve of the eaves and the scattered summer starlight, which was illuminated by the nature. It must be attractive if a place adorns with lights, dynamics, and plants. The interior design simplified the restaurant by abandoning the superfluous. Dominated by color Cream, the entire space does use the same material, and all other decorations are unfolded according to it.
Embowed curves on walls and ceilings has got rid of redundancy as traditional tiles did by referencing and reorganizing the piling wavy motions of mountains and outward radiations of ripples, which echoes and digests each other in the same space with harmony and unity. This kind of decoration expresses the smartness of mountains and rivers in nature, creating a natural and gentle atmosphere within the space.

At the same time, cute and vintage globe-shaping lights throughout the restaurant, like stars, lighted the poor lighting spots, and yield a collision between modern and retro fashion while matching with the swirling and rolling curves on walls and ceilings. They integrated each other with diverse intensities, using point and plane to stir an outward tension, which bring about a unique visual effect. The curved lines connecting the wall and the ceiling will extend its dimension in the horizontal direction infinitely, giving visitors a sense of spaciousness.
The space is divided by layers and shades of walls and gauze, which make people can’t tell the virtual and real, obscuring the boundaries of space while it is still giving the warmth. Compatible with lights and mood of created by the shinning globe, the green plant scenery embellished within changing its stance in shadows. Flowing lines and a sense of size, while satisfying the artistic needs, it also gives the space a spectacular sight.
Beige chairs, velvet couches, white marble table, the furniture’s neutral color maximizes the characteristics of the display wall surface, meet the distinguishing taste of the guests in the space.
Gourmet don't have to be gluttonous. The evaluation criteria for food should be heavily laid on quality rather than quantity, without any doubt, a high quality environment maximizes the dining experience.