With submissions to the international A’ Design Award and Competition closing in less than two weeks, register now for a chance to have your designs – in interiors and beyond – recognized before the world. The winners will be announced right here on the Frame website in April.Synapse by Chen-Chi Lin and Horace Ho won the Golden A' Design Award for Interior Space and Exhibition Design in 2017.

This year, the grand jury assembled to select the winners comprise almost 200 leading designers, prominent academics and influential members of the press. Applying cross-industry expertise, the jury recognizes and awards excellent design from a variety of creative fields.

In addition to interior space and exhibition design, the A’ Design Award celebrates architecture, building and structure design; jewelry, eyewear and watch design; digital and electronic devices design; arts, crafts and ready-made design; vehicle, mobility and transportation design; 3D printed forms and products design and more. Get the full list of design award categories here.

So what happens when you win? Victor’s spoils include a celebration of the winning design at the gala night; a physical exhibition of selected winners; inclusion in the world design rankings, designer rankings, design classifications, and popular designers index; a promotional package and more.

Created to recognize and promote the best designs worldwide, the award brings a global awareness and understanding of good design practices and principles to the forefront. The deadline for submissions is 28 February.

Register now at competition.adesignaward.com/registration