Beauty is the reflection of form and meaning; the beauty of residential space should be based on perfect function and comfortable experience, pleasing the vision in a charming form; and the points, lines, colors, shapes, sounds and rhymes in the space are all reflected With value and emotion, let the inner beauty nourish the soul. Among the highest forms of aesthetic life, the greatest pleasure is gained by self-realization.

In the aesthetic system designed by LB Ling Ben, the essence of aesthetics lies in the practicality of the space itself. In the design, the balance between pragmatism and aesthetics has been sought. In the design of the 195 square meters of cross-floor space in Jiulong Bay of Aoyuan, the designer, with his insightful poetic heart and superb skills, originated from the daily life of modern cities and practiced exploration and creation of contemporary aesthetic life.

For the design of the residential model room, we understand it as creating a strong appeal, conveying the ideal life that the residential space can carry, stimulating people's desire to buy, and exerting the value of design in marketing. The jump layer has more ways to play because of the complexity of its space. The designer cleverly arranged the staggered floors and the large space that you can see when you open the door, declaring dignity and respect; the living room and the bedroom can achieve barrier-free communication between the upper and lower floors, emphasizing the value of intimacy; at a glance, the natural landscape It is an extension of the indoor space by taking in the eye.

White is the main color of the space, creating a pure and white atmosphere. Light curtains, warm wood, enthusiastic metal, and calm stone, in the calm atmosphere of white paved, evoke their respective physical properties; the design is unconsciously restrained , Master the overall law of mutual generation and restraint, let the clean and warm life breath permeate.

When the design captures the essence of dwelling, it can observe daily life with fresh eyes, giving more life to ordinary objects and injecting value into life. The highest form of aesthetic life is pleasure of oneself; and the greatest pleasure of oneself lies in being able to develop inner love in a room and build a more colorful and comforting life; design is the support for this meaning.