TRAKK : converting a sports hall into an extraordinary co-working space. ncbham was part of the team that won the architecture competition for the refurbishment, transformation and design of the new TRAKK creative hub.

Our agency was in charge of conceiving the coworking spaces and the interior design identity, conveying a dynamic environment, ideal for creativity, innovation and collaboration. Trakk features private and shared offices, a creative lab, a fab lab, a photography studio, phone booths, bubbles and meeting rooms. The creative workspace also boasts a chill out area, an exhibition space and a sun-soaked cafeteria.

The close collaboration with the team in charge of the architectural design was very fruitful and led to a coherent design inside out. The team was inspired by the previous function of the space, a sports hall, and allowed its original features, volumes and coatings, to shine through wherever possible.

Collective sports became collective work as the studio designed every aspect of the project to stimulate informal collisions and foster collaborative intelligence. Its most scenographic application is the versatile amphitheater connecting two levels of the three-storey building, at the heart of the space.

Our computational designer was instrumental in defining this impressive staircase: he created an algorithm allowing the team to test as many structures as needed until they found the optimal one: the lines of the general shapes, the roundness of corners, the number of stairs, ... Each element was analysed and defined through this process to ensure optimal functionality while keeping in line with the budget.

This process also allowed the integral use of each volumes. Specific working spaces were created under the arena, while the whole area blurs the lines between usually well defined environments : it serves as a meeting place, a working spot as well as an exhibition space.

Keeping the historical DNA of the site, we also used sports hall line marking graphics to define the different working areas, offering an optimised functional and spatial orientation to the users.
We worked in close collaboration with both BEP and a local upcycling actor, the Ressourcerie Namuroise, which provided bespoke wall coverings and the furniture for the chill out area and the phone booths.

They also made the meeting rooms’ multiple wood backdrops and produced the signage used throughout the building and conceived by Kikk designer Marine Warzée. The creation of these heteroclite elements also echoes the diversity of objects that will be produced by the TRAKK fab lab in the years to come. TRAKK's identity and colors are intricately woven in the different areas of the premises, through the use of geometrical patterns and dots, the black and white with yellow accents, as well as the shapes of bespoke elements and furniture.