Even though as car consumers we’ve experienced incremental improvements in the past decade, from electric mobility to automation, no vehicle has fully met our expectations of that much awaited, all-around ‘car of the future.’

But the future is finally coming: in 2021, the concept we know today as the BMW Vision iNEXT is heading to the market.

With the Vision Vehicle, the German company is releasing a highly automated, emission-free and fully connected automobile that, at the same time, ushers in a new era of driving pleasure. It takes into account both the technology to put this car on the road, but also the emotions and desires of the people being transported by it.

To be clear: this car is not a mode of transportation, but a living space on wheels

The all-electric iNEXT wants to provide users the freedom to relax in a new type of mobile space. Here’s proof of that concept: the aptly called Shy Tech, which preserves the homely character of the rear compartment by integrating technology to keep it out of sight, becoming visible only when required. With this intelligent technology, people remain on board at centre stage.

Another example is the Boost mode, which provides a virtually silent driving experience, with zero emissions; the Ease mode, another feature, allows the driver and passengers the possibility of engaging in a wide range of activities. While the centre console resembles a piece of skillfully crafted piece of furniture, the rear compartment features a handwoven Enlighted Cloudburst Jacquard cloth. To be clear: this car is not a mode of transportation, but a living space on wheels. The car of the near future feels a lot like the most comfortable and customizable place in the world: home.

‘BMW i exists to generate creative, pioneering ideas that transform the way we think about mobility,’ explained Adrian van Hooydonk, the senior vice president of BMW Group Design. ‘The BMW Vision iNEXT marks another next big step on that journey of transformation, showing how more intelligent vehicles can make our lives easier and more beautiful.’

Beautiful, indeed: the vehicle will showcase the bold sculpted forms and surfaces the automotive brand is known for. On top of that, it bears a striking paintwork detail: the Liquid Greyrose Copper exterior gradually changes from warm copper to dark rose, injecting it with dynamism even when stationed. In that colour wheel, the copper contrasts with the blue accents that light up when the car is unlocked.

In other words: BMW’s vision of the future is both mindful and sensitive, a feast for both our logical demands for a more sustainable future and our innate desire to be stimulated by beauty and comfort.


In 2021, Sheer Driving Pleasure will be reimagined in the form of the series-production BMW iNEXT, which will take the BMW Group’s strategic innovation fields (“D+ACES”) onto the road for the first time in a single package.