During Barcelona Design Week 2017, Simon – a leading Spanish manufacturer of light switches – wanted to position itself as a brand empowering designers to create more meaningful spaces and improve our lives. Collaborating with Frame allowed for a unique experience of innovation and forward-thinking discussions.

The Challenge

The Simon brand wanted to position itself as future-proof and innovative amongst the creative community at Barcelona Design Week 2017. Not only does Frame identify and honour the world’s best design firms, but also create unique experiences for the discerning consumers in the design community – making Frame and Simon a match made in heaven.

The Solution

Frame brought together top creatives and industry leaders with a Frame MINDS panel discussion alongside an immersive and experiential exhibition for Simon. The global design industry event featured three luminary speakers on the theme How Responsive Environments Can Redefine Our Wellbeing, moderated by Frame’s founder and director Robert Thiemann.

The MINDS speakers shared their perspectives on how visual stimuli and the Internet of Things can enhance our creativity and wellbeing in work, leisure, and living spaces. The event brought innovative and boundary-pushing ideas and confronted the international design community with their social and civic responsibility.


•  Alfred Batet, Global Digital Strategic Business Manager at SIMO

•  Alice Dunseath, Animator and Film-maker

•  Diego Gronda, Founder of StudioGronda