For those who dream of a three-in-one design trade fair, look no further than Thailand. Largely successful when held last April, the new edition of Style Bangkok taking place this October highlights the newest in Thai housewares and furniture design, as well as fashion, leather and gifts.

At the heart of this iteration is what the organisers call ‘crenovation’ – creation meets innovation – and origin. To showcase the work of Thai and international creatives and pave the way for lifestyle industries in the country, Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce (DITP) launched Style Bangkok in 2016, effectively providing a 47,000-sq-m forum for over 2,000 brands and fostering an alliance between more than 24 organizations.

In a rapidly globalizing consumer climate, this rise in exposure – that is, over 1,500 booths worth – is all part of an overarching initiative to establish Thailand’s ‘local wisdom’ in the design sphere as world-class. One of Style Bangkok’s most integral strategies in doing this is their maximum emphasis on inclusivity. Their Niche Market in particular boasts available products for seniors, children and even pets, while also offering experiential opportunities at the event.

Over the weekend, ten seminars will be held, along with many workshops and special activities. The Creative Asia exhibit will display products created by Asian designers, T-Style, those of Thai creatives and even a special exhibition by François Russo, the creative director and founder of leather-goods company Maison Takuya.

‘We are living in a world where everything is interconnected,’ said Mrs. Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat, DITP Director-General. ‘The trends of one product category can easily influence the others. Style Bangkok is the only event in Asia that offers a full spectrum of lifestyle ideas.’

That’s why one thing seems clear: with this level of interconnectedness, Thai design may prove to be one of the most interesting emerging scenes in Southeast Asia.