After leading the charge for the interior design and branding identity for other locations, it was natural that Studio 11 Design, an award-winning firm, was appointed interior designer for the Super Chix project in Richardson, Texas.
The look and feel needed to be unique and differentiate Super Chix as a boutique chain-restaurant, reflecting the restaurant’s mantra; natural ingredients and a holistic approach to chicken.

The overall design aesthetic is bold and contemporary, utilizing a bright yellow accent color was used for warmth and a welcoming effect. The bright hue also ties the space together, contrasting with a neutral palette of greys and black, making the brand memorable. Additionally, yellow adds energy to all areas of the restaurant, making it perfect for the family-oriented restaurant.

The focal point of the main dining area is a large mural wall created by Lou Verne by Studio 11 Design - the firm’s in-house art studio - featuring illustrative hand-painted phrases that tell the Super Chix brand story. The use of various materials and finishes create continuity and interest in the small space, including: polished concrete flooring, warm-hued wood, white painted brick, and custom pendant light fixtures wrapped in rope. A variety of tables and banquettes allow Super Chix to function for lunch and dinner, accommodating multiple seating arrangement options.

This project deserves to win for its all-encompassing vision of the brand. Super Chix is a strong example of how the design firm’s in-house art studio, Lou Verne by Studio 11 Design, was integrated into the design process from the beginning. Working closely with the client’s vision, original hand-sketched logos were rendered as a counterpart to the fresh, modern interior. Through the process, the design team was able to create something truly tailored to Super Chix, which has become a feature component to the brand identity. This includes the integration of the lively yellow color. Conceived and executed well before the dubbing of “Gen Z Yellow,” the team’s keen eye for trends and contemporary sensibilities ensure that the brand feels extremely “now.”

The design team also developed and implemented all signage, menus and wayfinding, as well as a new identity for the interiors to highlight the brand’s transparent approach to providing quality food. Playful arrows and painted labels make navigation easy, adding to the consumer experience with fun imagery.