Inside Mia Fringe Studio guests will discover endless possibilities to express their creativity, and they will leave transformed into a surprisingly new version of themselves. Mia Fringe Studio is then an extraordinary place of research, discovery, and metamorphosis. Area-17 designed the beauty salon as an enchanted forest where this magic happens, with an overarching aesthetic clearly hinting to manga culture.
Botanical shapes pop up all around, from the glass partitions to the 3d ceiling fixture, from the hair saloon mirrors’ outlines to the bubble-rooms of the nail area. Here and there, candy-colored marble disks hang on walls, like magic fruits from a fantastic dimension. Three mysterious vertical figures at the hearth of the salon look like they may start dancing and talking at any moment, dragging clients into their dreamy manga world.
Mia Fringe Studio is also an extremely innovative project in terms of functions, as it combines traditional services such as Hair Saloon, Make Up, Nails, with new features that match contemporary needs, like classrooms for seminar sessions and meetings or the KOL shooting area, where influencers can make their videos using the fairy-tale background of Mia Fringe Studio environments.

The design of Mia Fringe Studio is a contemporary interpretation of the beauty care experience as a whole in Asian culture. Evoking a sense of wonder and interior serendipity, the beauty salon aims to recreate the feeling of a happy, fairy-tale childhood, a mythical time when anything could happen and magic (or transformation) is ordinary. The tale of Alice in Wonderland is echoed non only in the transformation theme but also in the recurring use of mirrors. The interiors would relax the salon clientele resetting their mood and completely enrich their spatial experience.
The instagrammable interiors are crafted around the beauty experience and provide a natural set for the social interaction – both physical and virtual – of a new type of beauty community that didn’t exist before. Privacy and social interaction interplay and build an immersive world where clients will find room for a special relation with the resident beauty artists. This kind of relation will lead to a private evolution of one own’s visual definition or to a social sharing of the experience, depending on the choice and the attitude of the client.
With its glamorous and effortlessly sleek interiors, Mia Fringe Studio gives its customers a break from the busy city life and above all allow them to dream of a different self in a different world, which exactly matches the briefing requests that Area-17 originally received.