Outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyed, year-round. That is the firm belief of Corradi, whose mission is to provide outdoor living solutions that enable people to enjoy the outdoors for longer periods of time, at less risk to their health. Nautical know-how runs deep in the veins of the Corradi, who apply technically masterful, nautical technologies to its outdoor living solutions, meaning that every mechanism and material used is built to withstand the harshest of atmospheric conditions.

The ‘Settimo Piano’ (seventh floor) project at the Leardini Group’s Lungomare Hotel in Riccione is a charming sea-view terrace, complete with breath-taking views of the entire coastline. Defense, a sun sail by Corradi naturally took centre-stage of the elegant terrace during the design process for its unique position to provide technical characteristics required, while adding to the ambience of the relaxing hotel atmosphere.

Breaking traditional notions of a sun sail, Defense can be used year-round to improve outdoor living. The freestanding units can be manoeuvred to suit sun, shade or wind, adapting to the requirements of the guests. At night, the integrated LED casts its light upon the weather-resistant Dacron® - a nautically resistant woven polyester - giving the effect of a line of luminous lampshades when viewed from the seafront.

The space surrounding the sails is a pleasantly relaxing, minimalistic furnishings are used in combination with Ipe wood flooring and porcelain stoneware staircases are flanked by waterfall-inducing streams which run across staggered floors. In true Italian fashion, Corradi steer functionality straight into the course of sophistication with the realization of ‘Settimo Piano’ and its headlining element: the Defense shade-sail.