Even as the global trajectory of remote working and freelancing is steadily increasing, employers are more and more conscious of the need to invest in spaces that promote the productivity and well-being of their employees. Despite persistent paranoia about robot automation, desk jobs are not going away in the short nor medium term.

Spanish furniture brand Andreu World recently presented Eat Well Seated – an intriguing concept that looks at how, as wine can pair differently with certain foods, design can complement and heighten the culinary experience – at Frame Lab in Amsterdam. Now, the manufacturer has created Lounge: a series of seating collections that respond to the dynamism and interconnectivity of modern workplaces. These collections comprise Alya, Capri, Couvé and Raglan.

Evocative of a 19th-century gentlemen’s club in the leather armchair version, Capri has a great classic feel and a personality that’s all its own. Solid, focused on comfort, and versatile, the armchair claims centre stage.

The undeniable character of Alya merges sculptural lines with upholstery that embraces the body.

Raglan welcomes guests by making a statement. The modular sofas come in two or three-seater versions, while the armchair makes a distinguished addition to a reception or lounge area.

Composed of subtly different elements, Couvé integrates clean and simple lines with unmistakable design. The angles of the legs, backrest, seat and entire structure have been rounded and refined in the quest for comfort.

Although architects and interior and product designers alike recognize the need for comfort (beyond a plastic ‘ergonomic’ office chair) in corporate spaces, there is a tension with companies wanting to project an edgy image that often translates to cold, hard surfaces and spaces that neglect the human aspect. At the same time, employees prefer a more relaxing atmosphere – more like a living or hospitality space – which reflects their demand for positive work-life balance. The Lounge collections establish a new middle ground between plush sofas and dynamic, contemporary design.