Every week we highlight those Frame Awards projects which have been frequented by our readers and jury, in the lead up to the reveal of Interiors of the Month winners and honourable mentions. Here are the five most-viewed spaces between 21 to 28 May 2021.

Photos: Tibods


Zware Jongens

An optical shop in Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium, Hons (currently scored at 7.58; Single-Brand Store) zooms in on the notion of ‘seeing and being seen’. Studio Zware Jongens utilized a series of mirror panels to give customers a multitude of vantage points from within the space. Glass façades at the front and back of the interior function to make the atmosphere feel even more light and airy. Veronica Givone, managing director of hospitality at IA Interior Architects, calls it a ‘great space for the product and user’. ‘There’s no excess, and nothing getting in the way of the experience of trying on the glasses.’ 

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China Ondo Studio

Bread is treated like a luxury product at Nanjing bakery Re x Sugar (6.23; Restaurant). Constructed with natural materials, the interior, designed by China Ondo Studio, is a bright, warm stage for the glutinous goods to shine. ‘It’s a highly practical and functional space that brings warmth and a sophisticated approach to a candy shop/bakery,’ notes KAP Studios founding director and partner Leni Popovici. ‘I have particular appreciation for shops with window ledges allowing customers to sit and enjoy – it’s small details like these that really transform the functionality of the space and are too easily overlooked.’

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For Dubai Restaurant Terra (7.33), design practice Bone aimed to craft a sheltering sanctuary from the busy city. The designers collaborated with specialists to bring natural textures into the project, including raw-earth surfaces and terracotta flooring. Reclaimed and weathered materials harmonize with the earthy palette and brutalist forms. ‘I have had the ability to visit this restaurant – the feeling and mood is perfect for the context,’ says Omar Abdelghafour, founder and principal at Light Space Design. ‘The detailing is on point, the material selection is on point – great project.’ 

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Studio O+A

Located in Chicago suburb Romeoville since 2001, the McDonald’s Innovation Center (5.63; Large Office) – an operational test facility for the fast-food company – saw a refresh by Studio O+A. Encouraging interaction was a main driver of the project, as well as creating a more welcoming ambience. ‘The promise of an Innovation Center sets the bar high for expectations that are only partly met here,’ comments Eclectic Trends founder Gudy Herder. ‘I appreciate the different use of materials, playful colour palette and revisited logo, but I miss seeing the example-setting innovation organizations such as McDonald’s could be setting.’ 

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Taking inspiration from a traditional Japanese toy called a yajirobe, We+ formulated a Window Display (7.45) for cosmetic brand The Ginza. The work, also submitted for Best Use of Material (7.05), employs acrylic cubes and rock salts for a suspended, ethereal composition that communicates the power of balance in nature. ‘The minimal approach makes this project score high on sustainability,’ writes WeWantMore creative director Ruud Belmans. ‘It’s a conscious way to illustrate what the essence of this project is about.’ 

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