Architect Raúl Sánchez’s renovation of his own property emphasizes strong geometric forms and a varied material palette.

Key features

The four-room residence has ‘simple spatial distribution’, says the architect, who notes that it is a perfect square with a right triangle edge, as the apartment is situated on a high floor of a chamfered block. Sánchez established the central square by demolishing the home’s structural walls, leaving only an integral corner as a pillar. This area contains the kitchen, living room and dining room, with free spaces for reading and play. The triangular zone, on the other hand, gives direct access to two bedrooms and a second bathroom. Materials – including black wood and marble, brass, stainless steel, leather and cement – are ‘utilized to multiply the sensations and increase the spatial complexity,’ Sánchez explains. Brass pieces, the leather sofa and marble washbasin are among the many furnishings that were custom designed for the project, complemented by icons like the BKF chair, Knud Holscher pull handles and the Vitra LCW armchair. 

Frame’s take

Sánchez’s layout and finishing solutions display an admirable harmony of architecture and materiality, one that creates a balance between brightness and contrast, and lightness and heaviness. At once elegant and playful, the interior is refined without forsaking the intimacy that successful residential projects are characterized by: it’s a space that’s clearly for living. What’s more, the series of bespoke furniture is a cohesive expression of Sánchez’s personal and professional style.