Since the conception of Danish™ and Frame's Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition, Niek Pulles' interpretation of ten Danish furniture pieces has evolved and is being put into action from a temporary studio in the Netherlands. He took a short break to give us an update on his work in progress and a teaser of what's to come:

Where are you working on your creation for the exhibition?
Niek Pulles: Luckily, I found a huge space in Rotterdam, the gallery Godown of Robert van Oosterom. It's in the harbour district and really looks like Copenhagen. The idea is to lock myself up and be an artist in residence for 2 weeks, working non-stop on this project.

What is your theme for the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition?
Zooming in on the human body and searching for cultural crossovers. The close relation to the objects. Taking a microscope to the tongue, looking at imperfections of the skin, frozen hair and bone structures. How does sperm flow, body liquids and the effect of water. stone and marbled skins. Zooming in, exploring and exploding. Soft skin, rough feeling. Soft marble, hard skin. Pimped thea table. Colour explosion / birds of paradise. It will be a rough ride on sexuality, aesthetics, imperfections and coincidences.

What will your exhibition say about the featured Danish design pieces?

I think Danish design is really close to the body. There is a beautiful and elegant connection to human shapes. They are sculptures, pieces that are very delicate and made with lots of love and dedication. I want to respect that, but execute it with my own handwriting. Give it my identity.

How will the individual furniture design pieces support your idea?
I will approach every object with a different idea, but with the same mindset. For example, 'the people chair' and 'the tongue' chair fit perfectly into my concept. Zooming in on form and material but also literally zooming in on the human body. The rough structure of a tongue or searching for a situation that a lot of people will recognise. For example, the way hair looks like when it is frozen is a great reference to use for the J39 by Børge Mogensen.

How does your home of the Netherlands play into your interpretation of the Danish designs?
My home is not literally playing a role but more the 'Dutch' approach of thinking. Searching for cultural differences, making combinations, being innovative with what you have, trying to create something special with a small budget, working hard and efficiently, being smart but not thinking too much. Using my instincts and intuition to create the image I have in mind. Creating future objects where I mix Dutch and Danish design. Making it Double D sexy!

How will you integrate the ten Danish Design pieces into the physical location?
The space is amazing. It looks a lot like my working space in Rotterdam, close to the water, force of nature, wind & water. Almost feels like the same view and space. It's a really funny connection so I can test it very well. I will present it like a new family I created, respecting the classical forms put combining it with my own 'sauce'.

So will the final result be a spatial experience?

YES! It must scintillate when you enter the space!

What would you like visitors of the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition to come away with?
To be shaken up a bit, appealed by what they see. Shocked in a good way, a bit scared of what may come but most of all surprised! Sexersized ;)

Photos courtesy of Niek Pulles

The Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition will coincide with 3 Days of Design and take place at The Silo from 28 May until 30 May.

The Silo - By & Havn
Helsinkigade 29
2150 Nordhavn
Copenhagen, Denmark