When a day at the office proves to be too boring to handle, Lernert & Sander show how a slam dunk captured by Lensvelt's Boring collection can wipe away a humdrum day.

When regulations force the hand of a spatial designer, it's not often they strike back with a solution that challenges the rule. While working on an office interior, Space Encounters found European regulations for workplace furniture to be stifling. Chairs, tables and cubicle walls with an uneventful appearance – and an eventful price tag - proliferated the market sector. Instead of turning to their chief supplier – Amsterdam and Breda-based furnishing suppliers Lensvelt – for pre-existing options, Space Encounters teamed up with the furniture specialists to dream up another solution altogether.

The main goal of the joint venture? To stay within the boundaries of the creative box by selecting standard-complying, off-the-shelf components. Furniture elements in a monochrome palette of grey come together for a monotonous series of chairs, desks and accessories aptly named the Boring collection. Affordable due to component availability, the Boring collection can embed itself into any space, placing it's personality on the back burner for the common good of the project's identity. The simple lines and elements shy away from the spotlight, giving rise to interiors and most importantly, employees and the task at hand.

In Space Encounters' eyes, the conventional collection should be accompanied by an unconventional advertising approach. Dutch duo Lernert & Sander animate a 9-5 workday amidst Boring, showing the collection's core principle that the man makes the times.