The friendship between manufacturer Hans Lensvelt and Job Smeets of Studio Job started in a restaurant in Antwerp in 2008. They got along very well because their shared passion for fish and furniture.

In 2011 the first product of their collaboration was a fact. The Job Cabinet was presented in Milan and immediately a success. The giant golden key in the basic bright coloured cabinet was also a key to their combined succes: the cabinet was loved by both the press and public and received a Wallpaper Award and a ELLE Decoration award. 'There's a cheerful Alice in Wonderland quality about this series of cupboards by Studio Job for Dutch office furniture retailer Lensvelt' were the words of the Wallpaper jury.

In 2013, Lensvelt presented the complete range of Job Office Furniture including Job Buffet - a low cabinet a table - and Job Office Desk Lamp - a LED lamp - which were identified by bold and crassly oversized golden details. The show was held in a monastic refectory in the Museum of Science and Technology and the effect was a remarkable scene: stark white products were lined down the middle of the room like soldiers of an army, surrounded by 18th-century frescoes and stucco work. The show acquired worldwide a lot of attention: interior magazines from 19 countries published about the extraordinary exhibition.

The most recent product by Lensvelt and Studio Job is the Job Parquet Carpet: a black-and-white, wood grain herringbone pattern with a striking yellow trim. The parquet image was originally designed for a fashion show of Viktor & Rolf. In 2014, the pattern was used as a light projection on the floor during a performance of the Dutch National Ballet, ‘Dutch Doubles’. Hans Lensvelt, who visited the perfomance together with Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, loved the parquet drawing so much they made a carpet out of it.