Amongst the numerous co-working spaces popping up around the world, the international co-working brand Spaces diversifies its approach by embedding its latest addition firmly in the local context. Situated in a traditional postwar Milanese building, Spaces Milan combines the rigid modernity and aesthetics of the city with the informal, communal atmosphere of co-working environments.

Laboratorio Permanente was recently featured in Frame 119 for the Milan-based studio’s modular spine-like design of QuintilesIMS’s office, also located in Milan. Here, the 4,000-sq-m space is approached as a ‘small town’ where all sorts of interactions are possible. From formal to informal and spontaneous encounters, small niches and corridors throughout the workspace are designed to foster unexpected discussions.

Merging the fluidity of co-working spaces as well as the structure of corporate environments, Spaces offers private and co-working offices, meeting and conference rooms, common areas, and tops it all with a roof terrace. In the spirit of flexibility, meeting rooms in the building’s basement transform into a continuous event space with the help of folding walls. Concrete and Ceppo stone, a material found in numerous Milanese buildings, link the interior to the cityscape, while walnut furniture and soft fabrics ensure warmth and comfort.

Location 21 Bastioni di Porta Nuova, Milan, Italy