Made entirely of marshmallow candy, Studio Simone Post’s window displays at Ginza Maison Hermès in Tokyo toe the line between reality and fantasy.

Key features

Studio Simone Post was commissioned to create a window display for Ginza Maison Hermès in Tokyo around the fashion house’s 2022 theme of ‘lightness’. ‘When I heard about the Hermès 2022 theme “lightness” I immediately thought of marshmallows,’ says Simone Post. ‘Because what is lighter than these sweets?’ Based on this inspiration, Post’s Rotterdam-based studio constructed a window display composed entirely of marshmallow candy. The designer collaborated with a Dutch marshmallow manufacturer who created long cables of the candy, making it a viable material to construct furniture. The textile-like candy, reminiscent of oversized yarn, is also a clever nod to Hermès’ renowned textile design and hand stitching. 

The entire window display is comprised of two main sections to the left and right of the store’s front entrance, with a series of additional small-scale installations on the side. The windows depict the interior of a home-like setting which proposes the whimsical idea: ‘What if your entire living space was made of sweets?’. Furniture and accessories – a chandelier, side table, coat rack, chair, table, pouf, rug, plant and mirror – are all made of marshmallows. Similarly, the left window display depicts a scene looking inside from a balcony. In each window, Hermès products are displayed in a dreamy version of a life-like scene. 

Frame’s take

‘Marshmallows bring you back to your childhood and moreover, they embody “lightness” as they are literally packed with air,’ says Post. ‘In these concerning times I think we can all use something that makes us dream away.’ The window display certainly toes the line between reality and fantasy; familiar life objects are constructed in a playful substance – one that certainly has a nostalgic element to it. Contrasting with the darker tones of the store front, the windows are meant to transport onlookers into a daydream filled with soft colours and elements, which are a clear embodiment of the ‘lightness’ theme adopted by the brand. In unpredictable times textured by the dragging end of the pandemic, uncertain economic conditions and a volatile global political landscape, a sense of escape may be welcome by onlookers and passersby alike.