Frame Lab exhibitor Andreu World expands the scope of fine dining from food-and-wine to food-and-design pairings that enhance every facet of hospitality beyond the olfactory.

The first act of any culinary experience is not selecting an item from a menu but sitting down at a table – a fact emphasized by the Spanish furniture manufacturer through their carefully crafted dining chairs and collaborations with renowned chefs. At Frame Lab, Andreu World will share their unique perspective on design through a niche research into the world of hospitality, manifest in their recent publication, ‘Eat well seated.’

Proper seating can enhance comfort and ambiance in ways that are perhaps less tangible than a good bottle of Cabernet; but whether it caresses the palate or the small of the back, the textures and forms of a restaurant encapsulate the multi-sensory experience that is fine dining.

In collaboration with journalist Álvaro Castro, the family-owned furniture manufacturer has developed a foodie’s guide to a list of restaurants with a common belief that comfort and indulgence require more than excellent plate presentation. Andreu World sees interior design as an indicator of gastronomic quality; to be seated in one of their armchairs offers a sort of stamp of approval akin to a glowing review from a tough critic.

Frame Awards judge Patricia Urquiola is among the long list of designers to create pieces for the brand and whose Nuez chair will be part of the exhibit in the Wellness Lab. The meticulous obsession with seating in culinary settings is among the various activities at Frame Lab which include 3D-printed furniture and an innovative design hackathon embracing fast-paced technology. Come experience the designs and decide for yourself if the products from ‘Eat well seated’ live up to the hype – and to complete the wellness experience, taste a sample of Spanish wines alongside the chairs to find your favourite pairing.