The Next Space

A one-day think-tank on the future of spaces

Watch all the keynotes from the event here.

The Next Space is an iterative think-tank about the future of spatial design conceived by Frame in partnership with IMM, IBA Forum and Dutch Design Week. The event will debut in Eindhoven on 21 October, coinciding with Dutch Design Week. A limited number of 120 design professionals will embark on a one-day make-a-thon, inspired by speakers that will address today’s top design issues.

The premiere event will zoom in on the resilient city, and the second iteration of The Next Space is planned for March 2022. Each event will result in a whitepaper that will be published across Frame’s channels. The Next Space’s goal is to arrive at a framework for spatial design in which people and the planet can thrive.

Since attendees will become active participants, we kindly request you to arrive before the program starts.



Doors open


Robert Thiemann, founder of Frame

The journey ahead

Introducing The Next Space: its scope, ambitions and program


Agenda and expectations

Facilitator team shares the objectives and process of the day


Patrick Frick, lead facilitator at Global Commons Alliance

A plan for the planet

Why spatial design should protect our commons: biodiversity, climate, land, oceans, and water


Kurt Ward, senior design director at Philips Healthcare

The healing city

What does it mean for the way we live, play and work if healthcare will be distributed over the home, hospital and road?


Start make-a-thon

Participants discuss notes and extract takeaways (groups)


Make-a-thon (continued)

Participants create timeline: 50 years back, 10 years forward (plenary)


Lunch break


Eveline van Leeuwen, scientific director at AMS Institute

The edible city

What does the rise of urban agriculture mean for urban planning and how will it impact experiencing city life?


Pieter Kool, Founder of Carbon Studio

The shared city

How can cities transform into sustainable communities?


Make-a-thon (continued)

Deep dive into the biggest future impacts on spatial design, translating them into implications and drafting a framework for the future of spaces (in groups)


Wrapping up

Reporting back by groups, summarizing, next steps and day closing (plenary)


Drinks and get together

Want to join this event?

One-day access to the in-person event is limited to 120 professionals. Tickets provide access to keynotes and make-a-thon, and include lunch and refreshments. Tickets can be purchased for EUR495 ex. VAT



Eveline van Eeuwen
Eveline van Eeuwen

An expert in urban economics, Van Leeuwen is the scientific director at Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. She’s also the chair of urban economics at Wageningen University & Research, vice president of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA), a member of the OECD Expert Advisory Committee on Rural Innovation and a member of the International Advisory Board (IAB) of the Amsterdam Economic Board.

Kurt Ward
Kurt Ward

A senior design director at Philips Healthcare, Ward is responsible for strategic alliances and collaborations to stimulate, inspire and explore new value spaces and innovation opportunities. He is based at Philips in the Netherlands and has led global design teams for over twenty years.

Patrick Frick
Patrick Frick

Frick is the lead facilitator of the Global Commons Alliance, a network of influential leaders and organizations that aims to empower citizens, cities, companies and countries to become stewards of our global commons. Frick is also the co-founder and chairman of Moving Walls, a provider of mobile, writeable office tools for agile working methods.

Pieter Kool
Pieter Kool

Founder of spatial design outfit Carbon Studio, Pieter Kool is co-developer of Europe's most sustainable floating urban neighbourhood, SchoonSchip. This award-winning Amsterdam-based community of houseboats has piqued global interest because of its open-source, grassroots approach to developing an energy positive community with shared amenities.

Robert Thiemann,
Robert Thiemann

Founder of Frame and event host.

Location and hospitality ethos

Aligned with the event’s ethos, The Next Space will take place at Domus Dela, a converted chapel and monastery. Places that have been renovated and are meant for contemplation. Dishes and drinks served will be vegetarian and based on local produce or waste food.

Domus Dela
Kanaalstraat 4

Domus Dela


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