Part of the house renovation project, this kitchen is a lively space which combines function with aesthetics. Client is a young family starting their dream home journey. A home where they begin new traditions, raise children, have social gatherings, recharge and comfortably enjoy life. Their love for cooking and entertaining brought the idea of merging two spaces in one, giving this room "a heart of the house" status.

This sophisticated look is achieved by many added factors. Client’s love of deep green colour and nature, cultural heritage and travel history round up the initial concept. Using natural products and blending old furniture into the new design results in more environmentally friendly space. With bold combination of materials and colours this kitchen completes its individuality.

Considering every detail, carefully designed kitchen cabinets with smart storage solutions accompanied by conveniently located appliances create an easy-to-use space. With no physical boundaries, division of functional and dining areas lies in the change of floor materials and furniture, allowing a fluid transition. Acting as a feature, the extension of the backsplash tiles along the full width of the wall draws a clean straight line through the centre, separating two materials. Big opening on the opposite wall connects formal dining with the rest of the house, adding more natural light and transparency.