MEEN Restaurant is located by the ocean in the northern part of Pattaya called Naklua district. MEEN is surrounded by a natural landscape and traditional fishing village. Inspiration taken directly from the village and fruitful nature influenced the restaurant's architecture and interior. The siting and form-making took their cue from the fluidity, layering, and interaction of the natural form.

The architect chose rope to reflect the fishing community and local respects. Apply tying and knotting methods of the rope along the ceiling’s structural elements to enhance three-dimensional effects as if it lives the underneath of the boat.

The architect handpicks an old teak material, recycle, and shape it into the serving counters. Then, translate the boat’s keel and rip frame elements into a structural language of the serving counters to store and shelf-in bowls and plates.

The architect completes the floor materials with the terrazzo as natural grounds of the restaurant that ultimately tie architecture, interiors, and natural elements as one.

With a full of natural resources of MEEN Restaurant, planning seats, table arrangements, and serving counters are cleverly allocated. The serving counters are set in the middle of the restaurant to free up the perimeter area for the seating plan to expose 360° view. Each seat and table has different views ranging from the beach scene on one side to the calming Bodhi tree atmosphere, and the dynamic pool area on the other.

In addition, the featured materials for the interior usage of the restaurant are carefully embodied its concept. The architect chose ropes to reflect fishing community and local respects. Ropes do not seem to have values to people in general. (But) Ropes are every fisherman’s tool and all need them. As materials, they are available everywhere and easy to find. The intricate hand-crafted rope ornamentation on the ceiling adds a deeper level of context integration and overall design touch.

Overall, MEEN weaves the sense of local dwellers, fishermen walking along the beach picking seashells surrounded by the seabirds, and the soft coastal waves leaving soft mud pattern. MEEN brings back the feelings to complete a peaceful and nostalgia moment of an old Pattaya. MEEN reveals the hidden gem for clienteles to relax with nature, surprisingly still remaining in the land of the busy life beachfront of the Pattaya City.