The entire parent-child swim club is divided into five main functional areas and some auxiliary functional areas, all of which are centered around the behavioral habits of its target audience. In order to break the limitation of the spatial floor plan, the designer has worked out a streamlined flow after fully considering the user habits and potential behaviors of different target groups, so that adults, children and infants could all enjoy its caring service on this line.

In the waiting area, the seats on the aisle for the parents to relax constitute a rest and companion area. The window next to the seat plays an important role in two-way parent-child interaction. Mom and Dad can observe their children in the pool, and the children can interact with their parents through the window. There’s a big window in the reading area that we set for parents to relax while they’re waiting for their children has the same function.

In the baby bath area, the low-key, solid-colored lampshade hides inside it beautiful patterns. On the one hand, it will catch the children’s eye while they are lying in the tub and facing the pattern in front of their sight. On the other hand, the soft light will protect their eyes.

In the Cafe, you could see several "fragmented" eggshells are orderly arranged in a vertical space. The "eggshell castle" used as children's entertainment facilitates has a unique entry point in the center of the restaurant, and the climb extends in all directions. Considering of children’s safety, the passages between the eggshells are soft and wrapped in leather.

The entire parent-child swimming pool uses a gentle color sense, and does not distinguish color in gender intentionally. The black thin-line adds a bit of avant-garde fashion to the overall space. Meanwhile, it also achieves the spatial aesthetic in terms of composition. The different sizes of ratio, from two centimeters of arched laces to three meters of arched doors, constitute the aesthetic proportional logic of the space. In order to create an intrusive dreamy experience, design without accent lighting is used, which motivates people to explore every corner in the space.