On 21 October, during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Frame will establish a one-day cultural accelerator to explore what’s next for spatial design in a truly holistic, future-facing way.

Conceived in partnership with IMM, Orgatec, Dutch Design Week and IBA, The Next Space is an iterative think-tank resulting in a whitepaper that redefines how we conceive, inhabit and make use of space across key sectors. Attendees formulate new concepts aimed at increasing human wellbeing while reducing impact on the planet. The event’s ambition is to compile a set of guidelines for the future of spatial design within a five-year period.

Creativity meets commerce

Experts from today’s most paradigmatic sectors, such as urban mobility, food production, material science and the metaverse, outline the challenges defining our future. Their insights are set to ignite a limited, curated audience of 150 spatial designers and C-level representatives of developers, institutions and industries to collaborate on future scenarios and solutions related to space. By gathering a wide spectrum of stakeholders, the Next Space offers a truly holistic approach to furthering spatial design. 

A Better Normal

After an intense period of anxiety and grief, but also togetherness, fortitude and hope, there’s an undoubtable public appetite to see 2021 as a point of course correction, rather than just reset and return. Living sustainably has gone from being a concern to a commandment; investment in local communities has shifted from ‘nice where possible’ to an urgent necessity; access to nature is no longer something for the weekend but for every part of the day; and the freedom to live and work as we see fit, defining our own rhythms and rituals, has been granted to millions. 

Architects and designers were central to sketching a quick-response strategy to an impending threat; now they will be charged with making them the basis of a better tomorrow. That’s why we’ve themed the first iteration of The Next Space ‘A Better Normal’. 

Four keynotes, four makeathons

Four 20-minute keynotes on the main stage will bring attendees up to speed on the most relevant developments within tech, materials, food and mobility, and how these trends will impact spatial design. After each talk, participants will discuss these insights in a one-hour makeathon in breakout spaces related to spatial design’s four main sectors: retail, urbanism, work and living. These working sessions offer an unprecedented opportunity for thought leaders from different disciplines to meet and inspire one other, culminating in partnerships that can radically change how we think about The Next Space. BNP Paribas and AMS Institute are among those on the programme, and more speakers will be announced soon. 

Location and hospitality ethos

Aligned with the event’s ethos, The Next Space will take place at the contemplation-provoking Domus Dela, a converted chapel and monastery. Dishes and drinks served will be as vegan as possible and based on local produce or waste food.


One-day access to the in-person event is limited to 120 tickets. Tickets provide access to keynotes and makeathons, and include lunch and refreshments. Tickets can be purchased for €495 ex. VAT. Event partner IBA Forum will livestream keynotes on its digital platform, where access is free. 

Frequency and future locations

The Next Space will travel the globe in a bid to involve a substantial audience with a limited need for travel. Each iteration will tap into local communities to build on the outcome of previous events, resulting in a series of manifestos for the future of spatial design that will be shared globally. Next up we’ll visit Madrid (March 2022), London (June 2022) and Cologne (October 2022).

Buy your tickets for The Next Space here.