Thirty-four pairs of shoes are hanging from a ceiling in Austria's Karl-Bohm Saal, floating above an illuminated stage.

The installation has been realized by Javier Perez, who was invited to create the scene for the Salzburg Festival 2012, in response to Bernd Alois Zimmermann's opera Die Soldaten.

Imaginary couples dance in circles around a phonograph which endlessly repeats the same tune, again and again. The scene is surreal, as part of a dream where ghosts glide above the world in a lonely choreography, and the viewer is transported to a different time by the inherent nostalgia and captivating use of symbolism.

The artist's interest in the cyclical passing of time as a continuum is translated in this intimate installation, resulting in a poetic and evocative eternal dance.

The Carousel of Time runs throughout the Salzburg Festival until 2 September.

Photos courtesy Javier Perez.

The Karl Böhm Hall
Hofstallgasse 1
5020 Salzburg

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