The menswear label tapped Paf Atelier to create an ecosystem of bespoke objects and furniture for its Paris boutique.

Key features 

The designers refer to the white-curtained space as an ‘archipelago’: it’s an interior that joins traditional elements of Parisian apartments with custom, contemporary design features including a reception desk, leather furniture and vitrine elements. Paf Atelier conceived the white-and-wood backdrop to be something of a palate cleanser: it highlights the furniture and emphasizes the fashion brand’s identity artistic direction. 

While each of the pieces are aesthetically independent of one another, they function as a whole, and can be adapted and moved to suit changing merchandising needs. The reception desk is clad in an eye-catching black-and-white gradient. Solid oak modules form the vitrines, which are affixed with black powder-coated metal elements that provide greater flexibility of use. Meanwhile, black leather covers the ‘tree’ shelving adjacent to the white bookshelves, populated by colourful page-facing novels.

Frame’s take

Paf Atelier is an emerging name in Paris-based retail design, having constructed shops for the likes of Jacquemus and SNS x Nike. So far, the red thread in their work seems to be a promising ability to create environments that, while small for a city like Paris, truly stand out from the crowd. With the Louis Gabriel Nouchi store, they use the furniture-and-fixture-scape to achieve this. It’s an interior that simultaneously feels domestically inviting and intimately exclusive. Paf’s work asserts that more often than not, it’s the quality of the fittings that make a space impactful, rather than the sheer square-metreage.