You know the drill: the confines of the Milan Design Week expand every year, and your Fear of Missing Out grows along with it. We’ve put together a series of lists, by category, to help you better navigate the maelstrom, from the stands at Euroluce to the hidden corners of Tortona.

Here is the third in our series: the Salone itself might seem endless, so we’ve compiled a list of product releases and key designer collaborations that will make it easier to navigate the halls of Rho Fiera.

WHAT: Montana’s Pantonova relaunch
WHO: Verner Panton
HOW: Let’s call this one The Designer Who Loved Me. Verner Panton originally designed this curved seating series in 1971 for the Varna Palace restaurant in Arhus, and it made its way to that Bond film and into the wishlist of many Scandi-furniture fans. Montana is now reviving the system, offering its Linear, Concave and Convex modules.
WHERE: Hall 6 - Booth D26

WHAT: ANDlight’s new pieces
WHO: Creative director Lukas Peet
HOW: Look for the soothing, grey-toned booth at Euroluce, and you’ll find four new releases by this Vancouver-based brand. Peet will be unveiling the Pebble pendant and light sconce, the Array pendant, the Pivot table lamp and the Spotlight floor lamp.
WHERE: Hall 15 - Booth C40:42

WHAT: Muuto’s new releases
WHO: Anderssen & Voll, Thomas Bentzen, Big-Game and TAF Studio
HOW: The Copenhagen brand is presenting five new designs this year. For example, Anderssen & Voll are behind the Oslo side chair and the Outline Highback Work – we’ve seen a preview of the latter, so cosy and private yet slick and functional, and we predict we’ll see it in many open-plan offices in the near future. The brand will also be showcasing the Linear Wood series by Thomas Bentzen, the Relate side table by Big-Game and the Ambit wall lamp by TAF Studio.
WHERE: Hall 24 - Stand B14:B18

WHAT: Petite Friture’s Apparitions
WHO: Constance Guisset
HOW: With the Francis mirror as a starting point – Guisset has updated it with new shades – the French brand is extending it to a new series of tables with watercolour designs.
WHERE: Hall 7 - Stand F27:29

From top to bottom: releases by ANDlight, Petite Friture and Montana

WHAT: Andreu World's four new releases
WHO: Benjamin Hubert, Alfredo Häberli, Patricia Urquiola and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga
HOW: The Spanish brand is releasing the Hubert's Hula barstool, new designs by Häberli for the Dado collection, new pieces by Urquiola for the Nuez collection and the new Reverese Wood by Cazzaniga. 

And do write this down if you would like to attend the talks given by the designers inside the stand: Hubert will be there on Tuesday 9 at 12h; Häberli and Urquiola on April 10 at 12h and 14h respectively, and Cazzaniga on Thursday 11 at noon.
WHERE: Hall 16 - Stand F52

WHAT: Pulpo’s new pendant lamp
WHO: Sebastian Herkner
HOW: The German manufacturer’s Stellar collection now has a new family member, with the Stellar Grape pendant lamp – it’s a playful set of frosted glass spheres that replicates a bunch of grapes.
WHERE: Hall 6 - Booth C41 and Hall 9 - Booth B08 at Euroluce

WHAT: True Design’s new True Goes Through releases
WHO: Favaretto and Partners, Parisotto+Formenton and Orlandini
HOW: This is a showcase of three new releases, from the Code flexible seating system designed by Aldo Parisotto to the E-QUO by Orlandini – a multiple seating product that can double as a bench or a fence. Also included is the Wave series by Favaretto, which consists of wall shelves, modular bookcases and a set of tea tables.
WHERE: Hall 10 - Booth A3/B1

WHAT: Moroso’s Heartbreaker sofa collection
WHO: Johannes Torpe
HOW: The new series by the Danish designer was originally intended for the contract market, but Torpe’s eclectic approach and intelligent use of fabrics has also made it suitable for home use.
WHERE: Hall 16 - Stand A29/B22

WHAT: B&B’s Italia mix of greatest hits and new pieces
WHO: From Gaetano Pesce to Michael Anastassiades
HOW: At the Carlyle Group’s new Design Holding section, B&B Italia will pay tribute to Gaetano Pesce’s UP Series and Luigi Caccia Dominioni’s Catilina chair, while also introducing new pieces by Michael Anastassiades, Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni and Vincent Van Duysen.
WHERE: Hall 24 - Design Holding Booth

WHAT: Flos’ WireLine
WHO: Formafantasma
HOW: As with their previous project for Flos, the WireRing, the power cable is used as a design feature instead of an element to hide. This year’s release, the WireLine, resembles a rubber belt hanging from the ceiling.
WHERE: Hall 24 - Design Holding Booth

From top to bottom: Pieces by Pulpo, True Design, Moroso and Flos

WHAT: Diesel Living’s Aerozeppelin
WHO: A collaboration with Moroso
HOW: It looks like a tightly set zeppelin from the outside, but in reality, the backrest can rotate vertically or horizontally to better accommodate the seat depth preferences of its users.
WHERE: Hall 16 - A35/B28

WHAT: Ethimo’s new Swing pieces
WHO: Patrick Norquet
HOW: A small armchair and a small stool are now joining the Swing collection. The former is a narrower complement to Ethimo’s existing armchair; the latter is an elegantly informal teak high stool that we’re bound to see in many bars soon enough.
WHERE: Hall 10 - Booth A3/B1

From top to bottom: Pieces by Diesel Living and Ethimo

WHAT: Karakter’s Moby lamp
WHO: Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach
HOW: The Danish duo has created a sculptural, abstract-looking lamp that produces soft, indirect light – the source is encased in the cap, which is crafted from the void created in the main element.
WHERE: Hall 24 - Stand E05

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