Orgatec offered fertile ground for Stuttgart-based Ippolito Fleitz Group to explore whether the office as we know it can cater to our evolving professional needs. 

Re/Work – Moments of Inspiration incorporated products from companies on display, but the stand’s message differed from the usual trade-fair fare. The designers say they took on the role of ‘interrogator’, using the question of whether the office still makes sense as a springboard. Their answer? Yes. Ippolito Fleitz came to the conclusion that ‘space provides a tangible counterbalance to the digital technologies that increasingly have come to dominate our working life. It is and remains a carrier of identity, the means by which you identify with your employer and your own work.’

The 480-sq-m space was divided into eleven zones that highlight aspects of work life. Some areas focused on traditional office ingredients – such as the executive’s workplace – while others looked to more recent trends, including flexible working environments and the results-driven pressure cooker, a place that caters to quick decision making.

The designers asked fairgoers to reflect on the topic by plastering ironic statements and questions across the façade’s wall panels. The words – developed in cooperation with the editorial team at Frame magazine – reflected some of the research conducted in Frame 108’s work-themed Frame Lab.


Further insight about Ippolito Fleitz Group's design approach can be gained from the firm's new monograph Identity Architects. This new book will be released by Frame soon: