Who would have ever predicted that ‘home sweet home’ could become ‘home stay home’ so rapidly and necessarily? One thing is for certain – COVID-19 has provided the parameters for the largest environmental experiment to date. One element of this mass-scale trial most intimately affective to us is the impact the virus has had on our home lives.

COVID-19 is exposing how we cope when work, life, wellness and entertainment are forced together under one roof. Now, as we approach the post-pandemic era, the focus will shift to from how we can to how well we can facilitate our multi-faceted lives within a totally integrated living environment.

Connecting the interior design community with events that facilitate novel thinking and fuel innovation in the spatial-design industry is what our new #FrameLive series is all about. Cue our next talk – Post-pandemic residential design - what does a full service home look like?. In conversation with Frame founder Robert Thiemann, we’ll be discussing what’s next for the living sector with four key stakeholders in the industry – residential architects Peter van Assche of Bureau SLA and Giacomo Garziano of GG-loop, alongside Kelsea Crawford and Antonin Yuji Maeno, founders of Cutwork, about what the future holds for the way we live. Read on for the details and how to sign up.

#FrameLive Presents: Post-pandemic residential design – what does a full-service home look like?

4 June 2020 at 16.00 CEST

Lockdown has forced the global population to engage with the relative qualities of their homes like never before. How will residential design change in an era when all your work, health and happiness needs might have to be met without leaving your front door? Peter Van Assche (founder Bureau SLA), Giacomo Garziano (founder GG-loop), Kelsea Crawford and Antonin Yuji Maeno (founders of Cutwork) in conversation with Frame founder Robert Thiemann.

This event is hosted on Zoom – register to secure a spot here.

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing more talks and workshops every week. Interested in participating in our #FrameLive programme? Reach out to us to discover the possibilities here.