In collaboration with the upcoming International Design Show Vancouver, Frame Minds is pairing three Netherlands-based designers with three Vancouver-based creatives for a conversation series over two days, moderated by Frame editor Tracey Ingram. Frame Minds, a speaker series for top creatives and industry leaders to share ideas on the latest trends and issues in the international design world, will bring together some of the most influential Dutch and Canadian creatives to discuss their work processes, material choices and what inspires them to create in their practices.

On 30 September North Vancouver-based designer Brent Comber and Eindhoven-based design duo Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen of Os & Oos will meet at the Brent Comber Studio to kick off the Minds series. Peet and Mensen founded Studio Os & Oos in 2011 and have since worked on projects of various scales, including eyewear retailer Ace and Tate’s Eindhoven store and their light explorative object series, Perspective No 1 and 2. Their work is often defined by a balance between artistic expression and rational functionality; while materials and their relation to the surroundings and the user are key to the design process. Also working at the intersection of aesthetics and functionality, Brent Comber creates sculptural objects, furniture, and interior installations working solely with one material, wood. Influenced by his local environment, Comber has been drawn to wood for its ‘connection to place’ and the various memories and emotions it evokes.

Frame Minds: Design in Dialogue with Brent Comber and Os & Oos takes place from 15:00 – 16:00. Shuttle service to and from the Vancouver Convention Centre will be provided. 

Location 1645 Columbia Street, North Vancouver

Later on the same day, North Vancouver-based artist Bobbie Burgers will open her studio for the second Minds event with Stefanie van Keijsteren and Renee Mennen of Eindhoven-based Studio Rens. The research-based design studio Rens is known for experimenting with colour and its effect on various materials, from carpets to ceramics.  ‘In design, research is often seen as a pre-phase, but for us it’s so important in every step that the research becomes our product in many cases,’ says Mennen. ‘We start with one central theme – a colour, material, product or crafting method – which gives shape to the process.’

Artist Bobbie Burgers, Studio Rens’s counterpart for the evening, has a similar approach when it comes to painting. ‘I let my works develop on the surface, reacting like a game of chess to the colour’s movement and flow,’ she explains. Over the past 25 years she has been creating nature-inspired paintings and exhibiting around the world. ‘Colour is very personal and I think our minds and emotions react instinctually to them,’ says Burgers. ‘As an artist, you spend years building up your toolbox of techniques: personal forms of making a mark and ways to express different feelings and moods.’

Bobbie Burgers and Studio Rens will discuss their similarities and differences at Frame Minds: Design in Dialogue at 16:30 – 17:30 on 30 September 2017. Shuttle service to and from the Vancouver Convention Centre will be provided. 

Location 20 Orwell Street, North Vancouver