Atelier YokYok toys with textiles and light to draw concert-goers’ gazes skyward at Les Primeurs de Massy festival last autumn.

For its installation Les Volumes Sourds/The Deaf Volumes, Atelier YokYok worked with wool and refracted light to transform a commonplace patio and bar space in Massy, France, into an otherworldly gathering place. The wool is strung in striking geometric shapes across the 12 m width of the atrium’s scaffolding to create a vaulted effect. The hollow wool structures are illuminated with bright neon lights to contrast playfully with the brick panels.

Designed for the contemporary music festival in collaboration with the city of Massy and the cultural centre Paul B, Atelier YokYok and a team of five people spent three days painstakingly installing 65 km of wool from Italian wool manufacturer Linea Piu.

The unusual use of airy, tenuous materials to alter typical spaces is a signature of YokYok. For the 2015 Cahors June Gardens Festival, the atelier created a similar installation at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Cahors, France, using woven blue threads to form delicate shifting arches. With the same understated yet playful style, Les Volumes Sourds/The Deaf Volumes juxtaposes the workaday elements of the surrounding architecture with hints of the ethereal.


Location Les Primeurs de Massy Festival, Massy, France