Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak has combined fibre-optics, motion sensors, handmade glass and folded origami figures to form an installation on show in Sydney.

Known for being influenced by the female body, Sanpitak’s Anything Can Break reflects her usual style. Origami cubes hang from the ceiling, dotted with ‘clouds’ shaped like breasts. These forms are lit with fibre-optics and motion sensors which generate sounds in response to the movement of people below.

The project is current exhibiting for the 18th Biennale of Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. It’s showing in a two-storey high gallery space, where the immense mass of the installation can fully realize its ‘lifelike’ form.

The Biennale can be visited until 16 September. Sanpitak’s installation Temporary Insanity will also be on show later this year at Virginia’s Chysler Museum of Art (15 October to 30 December, 2012) and Texas’ AMOA-Arthouse (12 January to 3 March, 2013).

Photos courtesy Aroon Permpoonsopol.