Connections to the outdoors are consistently present in this Pitsou Kedem Architects-designed penthouse apartment in Tel Aviv – an oasis in a vibrant urban setting.

Key features

Pitsou Kedem Architects married the indoor and outdoor environments of a penthouse apartment in Tel Aviv, which occupies the building’s top three floors. The interior space spans 375 sq-m, balanced by 280 sq-m of exterior spaces spread across multiple terraces and a rooftop. An inner cube-like structure that extends through the core of the apartment. All living spaces are outdoor-facing, thus maximizing the space’s flow between interior and exterior. 

A double-height living room draws natural light in from windows above. Here, an open staircase provides access to the upper levels where a white bridge with glass railings spans the length of the space, allowing easy mobility through the upper level. Apertures punctuate the apartment in different forms; open staircases filter natural light through, one of which leads to a rooftop with an outdoor seating area and ample plant life. On the rooftop the translucent-bottom pool has porthole-like glass cutouts on the bottom creating pockets of dreamy, ambient light on the floor below 

Frame’s take

Apartment buildings seldom accommodate indoor-outdoor living so well as this penthouse. Connection to outside spaces can often prove difficult in bustling metropolitan cities like Tel Aviv, where space is limited and the busyness of the city often seeps into interior spaces. However, Pitsou Kedem Architects employed creative strategies to maximize the interior spaces’ connection to the outdoors by using elements like open staircases, skylights, cut-out windows and exterior facing indoor spaces. The apartment’s spacious exterior – almost as expansive as its interior area ­– allows for this strong connection in the first place. A small city apartment balcony would obviously not afford the same comfortability nor privacy as sweeping terraces and a rooftop would. Though in straying away from the confines of an archetypal apartment, the space is transformed into an oasis that effectively achieves the feel of a secluded home in a buzzy urban environment.