A futuristic shoemaker’s workshop was the inspiration behind the new Munich store in La Roca, a retail ‘village’ near Barcelona. As a premise for the project, local architecture firm Bailo+Rull ADD used the childlike utterance: how does it work? The resultant space delights on many levels. A network of conveyor-belt display elements crisscrosses the entire shop, supporting the brand’s urban footwear as it would in a factory. Walls covered in reflective polyester give the impression that, like images in a hall of mirrors, this zigzagging production line is infinite. When the customer selects a pair of shoes, they arrive at the cash desk on one of two moving conveyor belts, looking as if they had been made on the spot. The store’s façade attracts pedestrians with additional playful elements. A peephole offers a glimpse of the real-world Munich factory as shown on a video installed in the shop’s storage area – a cinematic touch that forges a strong link to the retail experience awaiting shoppers inside. Text by Suzanne Wales