Jennifer Douglas was awarded first place in the fine art category for her light-based installation The Voice of Silence. The work employs a Morse code sequencer, cable, Perspex, light bulbs, steel, household paint and paint tins. It formed a central part of the larger exhibition entitled A Short Score. The title phrase alludes to a section of musical notation whose component parts can be reassembled into endless new formations of melody, rhythm and composition. The repetitive flicker of the flashing light bulbs suspended within The Voice of Silence create a mute musical fusion of rhythm and light. The flashing lights spell the word Fantastica through a Morse code of on and off flickering. Although the word itself is not immediately known, the sequenced movement of light seems to suggest a recognizable attempt at communication. The 3D Design award went to Chris Natt, whose socially conscious design, Sting, is a practical tool to help avoid disease in the third world. In addtion, his Stimuli light has been designed to offer an alternative experience that enables people to remain more in touch with aspects of their surroundings through mood lighting. The resulting project was an experimental piece of design drawing inspiration from the behaviour of plants and how they respond to changes in their environment such as sunlight exposure, moisture and temperature. An animated short film by Simon Cartwright and Jessica Cope landed them the winning spot in the film category. Made in a potting shed in Ilkley, The Astronomers Sun tells the story of a young man, accompanied by a mysterious mechanical bear, who visits an abandoned observatory to confront memories of his past and follow his father on a journey into the unknown. The film was animated frame by frame with stop motion puppets – the same technique used in Fantastic Mr Fox, Coraline and Wallace and Gromit. The films special effects were made using a combination of optical, hand drawn and digital processes. Rachael Hewson won the fashion award for her knitwear, which she says ‘should envelop the wearer, and be comforting and carefree without a compromise on style. My aim is to design knitwear that is sophisticated, beautiful and wearable. In order to achieve this I seek to combine unique textures with luxurious yarns, creating a new take on traditional knitwear.’


11 MAY






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Site visit


Make-a-thon (continued)


Cocktail and day closing at Roca Gallery

12 MAY


Make-a-thon (continued)


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