Situated in Upper Hills, Futian District, Shenzhen, Voisin Organique is a farm-to-table restaurant features contemporary Chinese cuisine. The owner entrusted the designer to conceive the interiors, requesting a lounge, a fine dining area and a 110-square-meter kitchen within the space. 

Taking into account site conditions such as height difference, the giant gleaming pipe, corners and the dark space, and combining these with the restaurant's brand concept and its pursuit of a natural environment, designers envisioned a concept story of having picnic in valleys, and regarded it as the design thread.

From ceilings to walls, large areas of the interior surfaces of the bar are finished with matte silver foil. It diffuses light throughout the space and reflects dim human figures, making people feel like they are in the mist. The round holes on the facade introduce daylight into the space, and at the same time connect the inside and outside. 

Within the fine dining area, different elements including the deep red ceiling, rough wall surfaces, pure black furniture and transparent glasses are interwoven together, which renders the space classy and endows it with a sense of occasion. Though fully adopting abstract design languages and utilizing no avant-garde material with natural quality, designers successfully created a space that evokes imagination, in which diners can immerse themselves in enjoying picnic in a valley.