The 'Ura - Landscape’ window display was featured at the Loreak Mendian store in San Sebastián to present one of the signature pieces of the client´s AW19 collection. The Ura jacket. A waterproof raincoat characterized by clean and precise lines which is updated every season. The current version now introduces a vibrant yellow into the colour palette.

The window installation explores the interaction between earth, water and light by featuring three distinct planes of colour which emerge from a single point. The main blue zone is formed by a metallic enclosure of corrugated perforated panels that represents falling rain. In the middle of its path, three raincoats in colour progression shelter the individual from the rain, evoking a multicoloured spectrum of light caused by reflection of light in water droplets.

The tension between the seen and the unseen is particularly evident inside the window display where the volume of solid colours surfaces and corrugated perforated metal sheets toy with light and space in a journey of optical illusion. In addition, the high sound-absorbing properties of the blue screen wall, creating a very particular anechoic environment in contrast with the urban soundscape, is also noteworthy.

This site-specific installation aims to go beyond the typical function assigned to shop windows, stimulating the perceptions of passers-by, and overcomes the traditional subject-object relationship by radically transforming the interior of the store with visual resources such as perspective, light and colour.

The result is an optimistic landscape on a rainy day which highlights the shape, quality and colours of the product, where humans and nature coexist in perfect balance.

Working with super local production methods, all the structural elements used for 'Ura - Landscape’ will be reused for future projects. The aluminium of metal sheets contains 90% recycled material, a stretch textile fabric framing system has been used as paintings and the triangular-frame structures will be transformed into garment display racks.