Considering the customer journey of the executives, office workers, and truck drivers who spend time in The Rambler, we understood that Goodman Interlink’s employees have diverse expectations beyond using the cafeteria for dining.

While the executive and office worker views the cafeteria as an adaptable and well-furnished space for undisturbed conversations, the truck drivers approach it as a convenient resting stop for relaxing after long hours of driving. Responding to this demand through branding and interior design, durability, adaptability, and comfort became the pillars of The Rambler’s new cafeteria experience.

Drawing inspiration from Hong Kong’s century-long evolution from a small fishing village to one of the largest international trading ports, The Rambler’s facade design at the entrance is made up of four combinations of blue hand-glazed ceramic tiles, enhanced by timber frames, panels and skirting to mirror the iridescent reflections on the surface of water throughout day and night.

Accommodating up to 264 seats within a 7,567 sq. ft area,
The Rambler’s interior emphasizes on the materiality and resilience of local stilt houses. For instance, the dominance of timber in the panel ceiling, the exposed joinery detailing on the light fixtures and furniture, the corrugated glass paneling on the partitions, and the elevated platforms in the lounge areas.

In harmony with our custom pendant lamps inspired by fishing lanterns, these textured materials instill a casual and welcoming atmosphere, reminding visitors of close-knit village neighborhoods.

Elaborating on the stilt house concept where private dwellings nest cozily within communal villages, we’ve curated a variety of practical seating arrangements that responds to each person’s relaxation method. Highlighting the remarkable contrast between nature and simple raw materials on the Cantonese coastline, our custom-made wooden furniture ensures a smooth transition from fast to slow pace areas.

Minimizing the need for excessive materials, durability is the essence of the flexible layout design and modular furniture. The meeting area, for instance, is partitioned by a pair of sliding doors, which are composed of fluted glass panels within a grid of wooden frames, enhancing the adaptability of the space at different times of the day.

Beyond creating a cafeteria that just serves food, we’ve curated a comforting experience that ensures each visitor in The Rambler feeling refreshed and uplifted. The Rambler is a dynamic, all day F&B outlet within an industrial space that accommodates the intensity of usage and caters for a spectrum of expectations. It is an oasis amongst the commotion, a place of momentary escape for every valued visitor.