This started with the request of a client to develop an old inner-city gymnasium.

We studied the neigborhood and the specifics of this dense area and decided to develop the building into a home. Bringing minimal pressure to the neighborhood: less traffic, better for reachability and local environment.
The main space is perfectly square. A walkway around the flooropening connects the first floor rooms. This creates the vertical traffic and communication in the house. The 10 skylights bring a flood of daylight to the ground floor. The open court is crowned with a 3m Ø LED-ring. The only circular architectural form in the building.

Specifically the original steel trusses inspired the choice for new additions. The new floor is a steel structure with simmilar detailing: the connections between the beams and the way the steel is layed upon the bearing walls. The ground floor ceiling is a copy of the original ceiling of the slanted roof. A transparant and honest language.

The long railing of the stairs, the doors and windowframes on the walkway are all Yellow Cedar. The finish gives an extremely soft sensation when touched. The brushed Larch, the reused Oak floor, the 4 reused central columns, the ultrasoft Alpaca rug are in line with the embedded idea that architecture needs to be touchable: the third skin. Even the Eucalyptus finish for the closets have a nice and distinctive odor.

Early in the design the use of plants was integrated. A garden is visible from the master bathroom and from many sightlines in the house as wel is the central tobaccoplant.

The objective was to design an intimate, liveable home, a space for people. This resulted in a minimal, industrial construction and a very personal approach towards the finishes. This reflects the clients character as wel.

• Judging criteria

This project did nod specifically demand any ground breaking innovative sollutions.
Nevertheless all efforts were made to keep floor constructions to a minimum thickness so a very high percentage of the available volume could be used for living. Existing techniques were pushed to their limits to isolate the building and keep existing detailing in sight.

A building that was neglected for years due to unclear city plans is now used as a wonderful place to live in the heart of Amsterdam. The solar pannels and the heat-exchanging system in the 26 new foundation poles bring the house a close to 0 emission.

Inside this raw space everything has been build from scratch. The task set was to create day- and artificial light, new floors and a complete infrastructure regarding plumbing, ventilation and electricity for a new state of the art household.

A big challenge was to create an intimate atmosphere in this colossal space, wich we succeeded in.

The space is basically too large for a normal family to occupy. We had to think ahead so that the house feels finished, but also gives room to new functions in the future.

Aside from your regular extra bedroom we created spaces that might be partly sepparated from the main house and a 'hobby' space that can in the future funcion as a fully equiped office to work from home, with space for extra workers.

Many openings were created in the outer shell of the building to bring light inside every possible space. This way all spaces now meet contemporary standards for living. None of the rooms feel second rate and even the darkest corners in the house don't need additional lighting during daytime.

The 44 solarpannels on the roof and the heat-exchanging system in the 26 new foundation poles bring the house close to 0 emission.

Over 100 LED fixtures take care of a very energy efficient lighting plan. The Domotica system connected to outdoor climate sensors steers the atmoshere in the house as efficiently as possible regarding temperature, lighting and airquality.

The house is isolated to today's highest standards without taking the buildings original details out of sight.
Several materials like the oak floors and the 4 central wooden beams are previously used in other buildings.

Although I am familliar with the use of the word in contemporary media I am not sure what this subject is specifically referring to in this context.

Although no specific effort was made to include an above average percentage of either women or minorities absolutely no exclusions took place based on mentioned specifics.

Efforts were made to contract as many local suppliers as possible and the diversity of Amsterdam's community and workforce brought a very representative crew of people together.