tegut… teo
The friendly self-service supermarket.

tegut… teo is the return of grocery retail on your doorstep. The digital and sustainable micro-shop is designed for unused spaces in urban quarters and neighbourhoods as well as for underserved, rural regions. With 950 products across 50 square metres, it offers a reduced and curated yet complete range for new, temporally flexible work and life models. The shopping process of the walk-in self-service supermarket, is unmanned and from check-in to payment completely digitised, networked, monitored by sensors and thus accessible 24/7. The wooden building with a green roof, designed to be an efficient series product made of prefabricated modules with a timber-frame construction. Wood is used for the load-bearing structures, insulation, floor, facade and interior. The modules can be easily transported and erected on-site within three hours as free-standing structures and, if necessary, relocated.

The entire concept of ‘design for human nature’ follows the principle of sustainability: from the choice of materials to the efficient construction and climate concept to the green roof and social integration into its surroundings.

The building is made entirely of local softwood. The elevated green roof protects from summer heat and, through its biodiverse planting (it will grow over a metre high in the coming weeks), acts as a home and source of food for wild bees and butterflies. The free-standing, temporary structure does not seal any substrates; rather, it mitigates the imperviousness of car parks, for example, thanks to the sponge effect of the green roof. Its adaptability and ability to participate is also sustainable. By segmenting the frames of the structure, both internally and externally, the spaces in between can be selected and adapted using interchangeable modules for the regional and predominantly organic range and services at each of the 300+ planned locations, together with the site owners and the neighbourhood.

The iconic shape of the architecture is determined by the form of the superellipse. It is the trademark of the retail company tegut… , a subsidiary of the Swiss Migros, and shapes the entire structure and design of the building: from the interior space that gently opens up around people, stretching over the sales area like a hollow way in the forest, to the facade that curves slightly towards people, to the two iconic views in, out and through – the eyes of tegut… teo.

The interior is organic and, despite its size of only 50 square metres, pleasantly spacious and uncluttered. The wood provides a healthy indoor climate. With the windows at the ends, a feeling of security and a clear overview are created: refuge and prospect. The walk-in cooler, realised for the first time in a purely wooden body, accomplished the experience.

As a result of the removable panels, the facade offers the possibility to install so-called social plug-ins: from the e-bike charging station to the exchange library, the bench with dog shelter to the parcel station, it has just what the neighbourhood needs and provides a place to meet.

Thanks to the untreated wood, which will gradually weather, and the green roof which will grow to a height of over a metre, tegut… teo brings nature back to the urban environment. tegut… teo is a recognisable and friendly architectural series product for modern provision on your doorstep: human and sustainable, digital and adaptive, iconic and connective.

tegut… teo is the new nature of retail.