With the motto ‘Stay KooooK - Stay You’, the brief from owner and operator SV Hotels for the debut Stay KooooK in Bern, Switzerland, was to give residents personalised experiences while squeezing numerous features into the 2,500 sqm property’s 59 serviced apartments. Meant to accommodate extended-stay business travellers, the objective was to create comfortable, liveable, and customisable spaces where residents feel at home. Style-wise, the interiors needed to be smart and contemporary with high-quality elements residents could easily configure according to their preferences.

While the budget is undisclosed, it was not extravagant. Limited space made satisfying the owner’s long list of wishes and requirements a challenge. The interior designers’ ‘out-of-the-hotel-box’ thinking resulted in an innovation never seen before in serviced apartments, The Slide. This mobile wall glides back and forth for spatial flexibility when using the wardrobe, sofa, bed, and kitchen while extracting every bit of value from the owner’s asset through apartments that feel more spacious than they really are. This proved a resourceful solution that supports the brand’s promise and aligns with the owner’s commitment to consistently meet residents’ needs so they can be themselves.

Smoothly controlled by a metal crank system like those in library archives, The Slide enables extra living space, and within 22 sqm offers the level of functionality usually found in spaces measuring 36 sqm. Like a multifunctional Swiss army knife, the movable divider is kitted out with shelves; felt boards with netting for important items; and partial concealment and transformation of the bed into a sofa so the living and kitchen areas feel more spacious. The Slide feels lightweight and nearly effortless to roll back and forth, and clothing can be protected by a pull-down roller screen when cooking takes place. TÜV Süd testing certifies The Slide can move 5,000 times without irregularities, and its easy adjustment means housekeeping can easily clean beneath it. For easy access to refreshments, the refrigerator opens even when the kitchen is hidden.

A transparent glass bathroom wall (with a sliding modesty curtain) creates a further sense of spaciousness and enables natural light to filter inside. Loose, informal furniture includes well-known residential pieces that have been reinforced for heavy-duty commercial use. Atmospheric indirect lighting, spotlights, and well-placed decorative lamps encourage residents to adjust the mood in their apartments. All switches are straightforward, intuitive-to-use levers. The apartments use long-lasting materials that support sustainability, and amongst the suppliers are European start-ups with smaller carbon footprints for the delivery of items.

Providing an unexpected opportunity for fun helps residents relax and plants a seed in their memories of an enjoyable experience. Each apartment’s toy ‘crossbow’ is a nostalgic nod to William Tell, the Swiss folk hero who shot an apple balanced on his son’s head with an arrow. The tale was commemorated by German author Friedrich Schiller who died in Weimar, Germany, the city where The Slide was produced. This slightly zany surprise encourages laid-back fun.

Residents are actively encouraged to ‘shop’ from the lobby’s ‘lending library’ to stylise their apartments according to their own personal tastes. Durable surfaces in warm neutrals provide a blank canvas ready to be enlivened with healthy, oxygen-generating plants, colourful cushions, and clever accessories from the communal areas.
The shared common area’s roof-top location ensures access is exclusive to residents, yet the mood is informal. Created to feel like a ‘backyard’ where neighbours socialise, the decor comprises quirky furnishings, fun accessories, and abundant foliage to encourage natural wellbeing and tranquillity. Playful design accents break down psychological barriers, while furniture configurations encourage people to collaborate on work projects, cook together, and share ideas and experiences.