“SOCIAL HARMONY” is a new type of signage designed to be a solution for a society tormented by COVID-19.

The spread of COVID-19 has forced people to live stressful and challenging life. Telling people where to stand and forcing them to respect social distancing rules through, for example, putting stickers on the floor makes society feel even more constraining.

"SOCIAL HARMONY" is a signage system that plays music notes when you stand on a musical score situated on the floor. Standing on notes that are spaced apart equally encourages people to spontaneously maintain social distancing while waiting in line. Thanks to the installation, even children come to respect social distancing in a fun and proactive way, thus maintaining a cheerful lifestyle while protecting people’s lives from COVID-19.

The music score used in "SOCIAL HARMONY" is "Gymnopédie nº1" by Erik Satie. By making the most of the power of classical music, culture and art, we aim to sublimate the act of social distancing itself and transform it into a positive way of communication between people.

It was actually installed at the entrance of a music hall in Yokohama and was discussed by various media in Japan and abroad. We are planning to develop signages with designs and sounds that would match the installation location, such as supermarkets, public transportation, zoos and such in the future.