Today’s many exhibitors construct temporary showrooms, but after the exhibition, the waste and materials cannot be cleaned properly and recycled, which causes a lot of unnecessary waste and pollution. The issue of emissions has also appeared to have been largely ignored as well. In response to this, at the Shanghai International Furniture Fair 2019, the architect has developed an outdoor independent pavilion specially designed for a furniture exhibitor. This has allowed to unveil a brand new comprehensive and sustainable design solution.

First, in regard to the primary construction materials for the building, the architect used plywood, which is one of the most familiar materials in furniture manufacturing. At the end of the exhibition, these construction materials can be recycled for secondary use. The materials for the building consisted of 821 pieces of market standard size (1.22×1.22m) plywood which is the most economical design structure used for processing. The biggest advantage is that it is simple to construct and can be fully assembled within 48h, which drastically minimizes time and construction costs.

Every piece of 1.22m×1.22m of recycled plywood can be transformed into a perfect hexagon table or 3 rectangle chairs. In regards to the interpersonal relationships in the rural communities, the architect has designed the furniture which can be combined into different forms to increase the interactivity and fun, at the same time enrich the community activities.