Located in the center of Hiroshima City, in a former hospital building that has been converted into a hotel. Including Hiroshima, many travellers come to see the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and islands.

We think that to make the most of your journey, the most important thing is not to have extravagant amenities and facilities, but to have interaction with local people and find information about the 'real' Hiroshima.

Therefore, we offer the chance for travellers to interact with local people. That interaction may be present a crossroad on your journey. We are aiming to be a hotel that offers the chance for people to take many discover many different paths to take on their travels. The hotel's name, KIRO HIROSHIMA, evokes this purpose - "kiro" being Japanese for crossroads.

The 3rd Floor Pool
In order to pay respect to the history of the building, and seize the chance we have been given, we have taken a historical approach to its restoration. Paying close attention to the history of the building, it could be said that it has been born again as a future building incorporating elements of its past. What was once a rehabilitation pool on the 3rd floor has been reborn as a lounge and bar. The pool remains, however, the surface and bottom has been improved to suit a modern hotel.

Through this work we have been able to keep the original skeleton of the pool intact, whilst resurrecting it as a new space. As the poolside was originally of great importance to the room, we have kept traces of its history in place whilst developing the new room. Making using of the existing tiles and large entrance, we have tried as hard as possible to maintain the original atmosphere of the room. This is a place where travellers can encounter the local, real Hiroshima.

The Guest Rooms
In order to accomodate travellers who want to meet others at the bar and lounge, we have tried to make the guest rooms as compact as possible.

So as to cater to many types of guest, their are various types of rooms. For example, Loft-style rooms that can hold many people such as friends or family, or you can take your shoes off like the Japanese and experience the Japanese-style rooms.